Wave-astrology is based on classical astrology as emperical science. Wave-astrology as opposed to classical astrology offers new insights by scientific research. Wave-astrology, therefore, goes far beyond the scope of classical astrology.

A nonlinear gravitation theory of our planatary system is the basis of wave-astrology.

The nonlinear oscillators of this system (the planets) correlate with nonlinear coupled families of oscillators within human conciousness*).

Wave-astrology was founded by Dr Hellgard Nitsche (Lawyer, Psychologist) and Dr Michael Nitsche (Physicist).

Calling planets by frequences, or alpha-beta-kappa, or simply by traditional names like mars, moon etc. is of no importance at all. "What´s in a name...." (Shakespeare). Thus I prefer to stick to the traditional names. 

With the aid of modern Physics we finally can finally extend our understanding of traditional knowledge. 

In the Jewish-Christian tradition the term "word" is of particular importance. "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. (1 St.John 1-2) Word is oscillation. Our world consists of waves.

The Japanese creation myth describes the universe a "resting chaos". Then sounds (vibrations) moved the chaos, light and small particles evolved. However, none of the particles was as fast as light. Therefore, light is at the top of the organisational chart of our universe. Here again, is the vibration, the oscillation, the wave, having the main role. (one freemasons´slogan is: "Let there be Light").

Paracelsus (1493 - 1541) was of the opinion, that a physician had to know a patient´s horoscope first, to be able to help. He said: " A true physician should be an astrologist in order to understand the principles of the universe which correspond to the principles of the body." A physician with no knowledge of astrology was considered to be a fool rather than a physician.

Hence, to me as a physician and biologist, wave-astrology has become an indispensibe tool in my daily work.

*) cited from: www.wellenastrologie.com