Oecological Therapy

These are therapies aiming at the reconstitution of a disturbed body flora (dysbiosis).

Oecology is the science of supraorganismic relations. Within the gut there is 1/2 kg of germs. How do these germs cooperate? Why are some germs leaving the team? How are these lost team members integrated again? How do we communicate with our "micro tenants"? These questions are answered by oecology.

Imagine walking through a village on a sunny afternoon and inspecting gardens. You will find nice gardens and some entirely crowded with weeds. What should be done to add some more nice gardens to the village?

First of all the owners have to be motivated. Then we have to weed the gardens. Finally, it might be useful to plant a lawn to prevent weeds growing again if there is only little time for gardening.

E.g. the gut may be compared to a garden. It contains its own flora, the "germs". The nose and the eyes and other organs have their own flora as well. So after clearing the gut from "weeds" (unwanted germs) a planting action should follow soon after. These are steps of an oecological therapy.

There are many diseases which lead to a disturbed body flora. Probiotics can help to reconstitute the original state but are only pieces of the whole oecological concept.

We can help in developing individual concepts after applying adequate diagnostic means.